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Counseling & Coaching Services

Judy Kushner-DeGroot 

- Liz Mazlish, MA -

Linda Aranda Belliveau, MEd

Linda, Liz and Judy offer individual counseling and coaching services, each with their specialties and niche.  Though their professional training and experience has been uniquely different,  they share in common a decades-long association with The Opening the Heart Workshop, which is at the center of their work. 


Below you can get to know Linda, Liz and Judy's areas of specialty. To schedule an appointment, you don’t need to have participated in Opening the Heart.  Each is available to be contacted individually.

Judy Kushner-DeGroot

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I offer active and collaborative,  solution-oriented problem solving life coaching.  The focus will be on positive results, sensible and practical solutions toward the goal of helping you navigate everyday life-challenges and decisions. 


It doesn’t matter how big or small you perceive the issue to be or what it’s concerning. What matters is how holding the stress inside makes you feel and how the weight of the burdens may be overwhelming you. 


When any part of our life is not working harmoniously,  a problem quickly becomes a burden when left unattended, even more so as time goes on and we try to avoid it.   Unresolved issues,  denial  or being frozen with indecisiveness when faced  with important decision-making, we cause ourselves great distress and suffering, which in turn holds us back  from living life with ease - with an open heart.   There’s no need to continue this cycle,  alone.  


I am often referred to by my clients as their “confidant and trusted advisor.” Whether it be a couple of sessions to help you move through a current obstacle, or a few months to support and guide you through the turbulence of  rocky patches that may have much at stake,  you may find working together is the right fit for you. 


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Teens  -  Adults  -  Couples


I have been joyfully co-facilitating the “Opening the Heart Workshop“ since 1990 and have had a counseling psychotherapy private practice working with teens, adults and couples for 30 years. 


My training speaks to a belief in diverse approaches to psychotherapy:

1986 Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from Leslie University.  

Postgraduate: The Cambridge Family Institute—Couples Therapy program, The Center for Body-Oriented Psychotherapy, The Gestalt Institute of New England, The Cambridge Center for Focusing and Listening. 


Sometimes our life can benefit from a skilled professional to compassionately hear us—

to help, guide, support, coach, to accompany.  Sometimes we feel the need for someone to deeply care about our well-being: our feelings and our wishes for healthy change, as well as our joys and successes. I will safely help you to unpack your wounds and challenges while reaching  toward healing, greater ease and balance. I will also reflect your inner beauty, strengths, gifts and health. 

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Liz Mazlish, M.A.

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Grief Support - Personal Growth Coaching - Mental Health Education


If your heart is broken, I understand what you may be feeling.  If you are struggling with loss and grief, emotional or mental wellness issues, or are navigating the end-of-life with a beloved or yourself - you may be feeling many different emotions like confusion,  sorrow, anger, and more. In addition, you may be feeling very alone.  Well-meaning family and friends alone cannot often give the level of support you need during these kinds of life journeys. For forty years I have accompanied and worked with all kinds of clients in the following areas and more.  My practice includes:


GriefCare and Support:

- Grieving and Rebuilding After Traumatic Loss, current or past

- Finding Safe Passage Through A “Dark Night of the Soul” Spiritual Crisis


Emotional and Mental Wellness Services:

- Personal Growth Coaching for positive life change

- Integrative Mental Health Coaching: to explore complementary 

  and alternative approaches which may enhance your mental health care


End-of-Life Services:

- Support while sitting with a dying loved-one

- Support while navigating your own end-of-life process


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Linda Aranda Belliveau, M.Ed.

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