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Heart-Centered Counseling & Coaching Services

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Judy Kushner-DeGroot

Judy Kushner-DeGroot

I offer active and collaborative,  solution-oriented problem solving life coaching.  The focus will be on positive results, sensible and practical solutions toward the goal of helping you navigate everyday life-challenges and decisions. 


It doesn’t matter how big or small you perceive the issue to be or what it’s concerning. What matters is how holding the stress inside makes you feel and how the weight of the burdens may be overwhelming you. 


When any part of our life is not working harmoniously,  a problem quickly becomes a burden when left unattended, even more so as time goes on and we try to avoid it.   Unresolved issues,  denial  or being frozen with indecisiveness when faced  with important decision-making, we cause ourselves great distress and suffering, which in turn holds us back  from living life with ease - with an open heart.   There’s no need to continue this cycle,  alone.  


I am often referred to by my clients as their “confidant and trusted advisor.” Whether it be a couple of sessions to help you move through a current obstacle, or a few months to support and guide you through the turbulence of  rocky patches that may have much at stake,  you may find working together is the right fit for you

Practicality meets spirituality.  Healthy decision making and problem-solving opens the door for healthy relationships.  As your coach I will always be looking out for you;  to grow and maintain high functioning and sustainable relationships,  while you honor your needs and boundaries.  My sincere hope is by working with me you will feel deeply understood and deeply seen.  I have a strong propensity for balance and the ability to take all viewpoints to heart, yet my commitment  is unwavering as your coach to help you switch from unhealthy or dysfunctional patterns to healthy ways of living.


I am confident that by working together you will come to learn about  resiliency and becoming  better able to handle and make sense of adversity.  I believe that trust in all things is a way to navigate decision making and healthy problem solving.  When we trust, life flows. I look forward to the opportunity to help you through the tight and dark places;  like a compass I am here to guide you toward the direction of greater light and learning along the way.


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