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Heart-Centered  Counseling & Coaching Services

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 Linda Aranda Belliveau,M.Ed.



You can find support in our sessions in a variety of ways. You may be seeking:


Help in moving through difficult and/or blocked feelings.  Shame, grief, anger, 

frustration, hopelessness, and more, are normal human emotions we all feel at times. 

You may want help finding, feeling and working through them in safe, healthy ways.


To  deepen your experience of self-respect and self-love.  This may include 

improving your own view of yourself, developing a more positive relationship with 

you, and as a concrete result - creating, or upgrading, your healthy self-care routine


To learn how to set and maintain healthy boundaries with others.  Regardless of 

your situation, you may want help getting clear on behavior you do or don't

want from others.  You may be experiencing well-meaning but unwanted advice,

people who more forcefully ignore your boundaries, or even someone whose acts

are manipulative or abusive in nature. It can take practice to find your voice in these  

relationships, communicate your boundaries effectively, and enforce them with  

kindness and strength.


To make a positive change, and a plan as to how to get there.  You may want

help changing a habit or habits, or you may want to completely change your  

life.  This often takes a vision, a plan, strategies for success, and support. Coaching

can be useful during this process of change, whether for the short-term, or over a

longer period of time.

To explore complementary and alternative approaches to mental and emotional 

wellness. Current approaches to better mental health work for many people, but not for all.  In order to try and improve your mental wellness, you may wish to explore and evaluate less common approaches that some have found useful.  This can include looking at undiagnosed types of common physical factors, to neuroscience, biochemistry and  genetics-based interventions.  If you've not previously done this, there may be may new potential opportunities to move forward in this area.  Please note, my training is in Grief Support and Wellness Coaching. So,  I cannot diagnose or treat anyone.  Our consultation would be for educational purposes only, and as an adjunct to your work with your health care provider.



Since 1981, I've supported thousands of Opening the Heart Workshop participants in the areas of grief and transition, personal growth, accessing a deeper level of their natural emotional and spiritual intelligence. and in making changes to increase their overall health and wellness.  And my clients in private practice have been supported in reaching similar goals, as well.

In your session we may draw from many personal growth modalities such as Hakomi, psychodrama, Focusing, Gestalt, bioenergetics, positive psychology, and practices from ancient wisdom traditions.


But, the more important elements will likely be the creation of a relationship of kindness and caring, one where you feel safe to speak your truth, and where you can experience being listened to with "the ear of the heart".

In terms of payment, I have a sliding scale in order to be more accessible to all.



Grief Support - Personal Growth Coaching - Mental Health Education

IFor more information, or to set up your first complementary session,

I work with people by video-chat, email, telephone consult and at OTH programs.

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