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Heart-Centered Counseling & Coaching Services

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Liz Mazlish, M.A.

I specialize in working with the feelings and concerns connected with:

• chronic/acute depression.

• anxiety/phobias.

• grief/loss/transition

• trauma/abuse  

• relationship challenges (family, partner, friend, work)

• LGBTQ/sexual and gender identity

• work/career issues  

• character disorders

• unexpected DNA test results


I am engaging and committed to the healing and positive movement and freedom in the life areas that you seek to bring attention to. I will empathically listen and be in active dialogue with you, where various modalities may be offered:


•Mindfulness    •Bioenergetics    •Psychodrama  •Focusing    •Sentence completion •Gestalt exercises    •Art & Expressive Therapy   •Internal Family Systems  •Cognitive Behavior Therapy


As well, I offer concrete home-work between sessions to enhance your emotional, mental, physical and/or spiritual health. 


I look forward to supporting and assisting you— either in person (San Francisco) or on Skype, Zoom or phone. 


Sessions are on a Sliding Scale so that all can be welcomed and served. 


If you have questions or wish to schedule an appointment, please contact:    



Liz Mazlish

  Phone: (617) 876-9966


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