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Omega Institute 

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September 5 - 8

Positive change in a community where compassion thrives 

is the key hallmark of our programs for almost five decades.



Through a unique blend of time-tested exercises, practices, and lectures you’ll be immersed in a rich heritage and culture of the heart, where it becomes possible to:

    Feel more vitality as you find, open to & express your emotions in healthy ways

    Discover the ways you are not broken, but profoundly whole 

    Find more freedom from limiting beliefs and embrace new, unrevealed parts of yourself                                                                                                                                 

    Practice authenticity, empathy and trust and cultivate more connection

    Gain an empowering clarity of vision and purpose that will help you move forward

“As you take your dive into the heart of self, you are held
with great safety, respect, care and loving presence.
                             I have yet to find another workshop able to reach                                           such profound depth of personal growth".    

- Jane B., Educator

    See how opening your heart helps you let go of hurts more easily and increases resilience 

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