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Thank you to our participants in September 2021's

"How Are You,


and connection
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"This staff is absolutely amazing! Participating in both the weekend workshop and the virtual seminar, I could not have come out feeling  more relieved and in a good mood after. Totally interested in  doing another one in the future!"   Andre A. 22, first-year law school student

Join us for a journey to awaken your heart - - where you will learn how to gently look inside, be present with your feelings and share what you wish, while being listened to with “the ear of the heart”. You will also have the chance to listen to others share how they feel.



In this program, you will engage in experiences like short emotional learning presentations, breakout groups and exercises based on those used in the Opening the Heart weekend workshop, for over four decades.


  Our 3.5 hour session will guide you to:

  • Find and share your true feelings, which can help pain ease

  • Move from feeling stuck to feeling a new spaciousness in your life

  • Be more in the present moment and less in the past

  • Deepen self-respect, self-love and self-forgiveness

  • Listen to and connect with others in a place where kindness thrives

  • ​​​Experience many of the core principles and key practices of the weekend workshop, without the level of intensity and time commitment​

                          An interactive, online program of self-discovery                                                   

"Changing the world with love, one heart at a time"

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