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"The very center of your heart is where life begins,
the most beautiful place on Earth: - Rumi

"Living With An Open Heart"
                                                                                Monthly 3-Session Late Winter Into Spring Zoom Group


March 14, April 9, May 6    6:30-8:30 pm EST

An online group for people who want to reconnect with their feelings and capacity to live with an open heart


Living With An Open Heart may be for you if you’ve never been to an OTH workshop before, and  want to experience some of the heart-centered practices and exercises which are part of the rich culture of the workshop.  And it may be for you if you’ve been to the workshop one or many times, and want to again reconnect with your heart in the context of a caring community.





Key Benefits of the  Living With An Open Heart online group:

 ​- Your vitality may increase as you find, feel & express your 
   emotions in healthy ways

- Your self-respect and self-esteem may grow as you get in touch with your healthy self in spite of any ways youmight feel broken

You may practice healthy relationship skills such as being more authentic, empathic, and trusting, while also practicing good boundaries

For more information, or to register, please email us at  Earlier is better, as this gives you more time to register, which includes submitting your thoughts on what brings you to the group.  In addition, the group is small, so earlier registration helps you get a place.

The fee is chosen by you from our sliding scale of from $165.00 to $245.00.   

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