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For over four decades, our programs have helped people 
accelerate personal growth and change
by using the momentum from time-tested tools,
and caring individualized attention
within an extraordinary group process


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The experience of one's heart opening
is lasting, and truly unforgettable 








 At Opening The Heart, it becomes possible for you to:

“Online or in person, as you take your dive into the heart of self,  you are held with great safety, respect, care and loving presence. I have yet to find another workshop able to reach such profound depth of personal growth".               - Jane B. age 54, Educator

Feel          a depth of vitality as you find, open to & express your

emotions in healthy ways 

Discover the ways you are not broken, but deeply, profoundly whole                     

Explore how to be free from limiting beliefs and embrace new, 

unrevealed parts of yourself

Learn    skills which increase authenticity, empathy and trust to cultivate more connected and satisfying relationships

Find           how opening your heart helps you to let go of hurts more easily and increase your resilience to adversity                 

Gain           a clarity of vision and purpose, empowering you to imagine your best possible future

Positive change has been a key hallmark of the Opening the Heart Workshop for 46 years.

Our time-tested, unique blend of practices and traditions reflect our rich heritage, culture  and body-of-knowledge about the heart, emotional healing and one’s capacity for renewal.  

We all long for love; yet, when we have trouble coping or feel hurt by life, our hearts may close in self- protection or our feelings may get the best of us.   Cut off from ourselves and others, we can feel lonely, at an impasse with our relationships and unsure of  how to improve them.

Come to Opening the Heart, where everyone belongs.  You will be welcomed,  just as you are, to a community of acceptance and authenticity - - with others who seek healthy change.  Let our safe and skillful guidance support you in slowing down, turning your attention within, finding your voice, sharing your truth, and listening to others with the “ear of the heart”.  Our empowering, heart-centered modalities serve as a catalyst to help you move forward in ways you might never before have imagined. Whether you experience a subtle yet powerful change, a transformative breakthrough or anything in-between,  you will have  given yourself  the time to tend to your heart and nourish your spirit. 

 “The Opening the Heart Workshop   

          was, by far, the single most impactful,            life-changing experience I’ve had"



Since 1976,  we’ve continually heard that one’s individual experience with OTH, however long ago,  keeps informing  and influencing  positive change and the trajectory of one’s life.  The sentiment shared with us and echoed in these words above is entirely possible for you.

If you seek a community where compassion thrives and want help opening your heart to yourself, others and to all that lies ahead, you may benefit from Opening the Heart in ways that are enduring and unforgettable.

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   In addition to our weekend workshop, 
check out our virtual Opening the Heart program
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